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Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Posted on June 30, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in luxury, luxury portable restrooms

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Asheville, NC rests the largest privately owned house in the United States.  This massive estate has 33 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces within its walls.  And we’re proud[...]

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Enlisting the Services of PRT’s Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent

Posted on June 29, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent

At PRT, we love working with small businesses.  We have developed our product line and our financing options to ensure that local small businesses have access to top-of-the-line luxury portable restrooms for rent, lease, and purchase.  However,[...]

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Top Performers Prefer PRT’s Portable Restrooms for Rent

The travelling circus has a legendary place in American folklore.  From the early caravans of horse-drawn cages and carriages through to P.T. Barnum’s famous circus trains – no other enterprise has created such a spectacle on America’s roadways.[...]

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Portable Shower Trailers for Rent for Tropical Storm Cindy and Disaster Relief

Posted on June 22, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in Shower Trailers for Rent
If you live anywhere near the south or southwestern Unit ed States, chances are you have heard
much about Tropical Storm Cindy. As of this writing, Cindy i s tracking through the northwest
Gulf of Mexico and is expected to cause widespread[...]
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Why Hospitals Love Our ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent

Posted on June 20, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in ADA, ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent

Renovating and expanding hospitals is one of the most complicated and challenging jobs in the entire construction industry.  For starters, hundreds of people on the hospital staff will need to work normally while the construction takes place.[...]

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The Royal 7 Station Luxury Portable Restroom Rental

Posted on June 20, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in Luxury Portable Restrooms for Rent
Planning a special event and dreading the porta-potty? Sometimes  standard porta-potty simply isn t appropriate. The good news? Our  line of luxury restroom trailer rentals define the word elegance and w ill  complement your special[...]
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Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in the Hamptons

Posted on June 15, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in luxury portable restrooms, ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent

At Portable Restroom Trailers, we’re no stranger to the beaches, docks, and marinas of America.  We have provided portable restroom solutions from the east coast to the west coast and to almost every major body of water in between.  But now and[...]

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Modern ADA Restroom Rentals for a Historic Amusement Park

Posted on June 13, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in ada restroom trailers

Kings Dominion has a unique place in the history and tradition of American amusement parks, and PRT is proud to be the park’s long-term partner for portable ADA restroom rentals.  Founded in 1975 outside Richmond, VA – Kings Dominion was built in[...]

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The Most Beautiful Backdrop for a Shower Trailer Rental

Posted on June 08, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in shower trailer rental, shower trailer

When you think of shower trailer rentals, you probably don’t conjure up images of astounding natural beauty.  But, then again, maybe you should.  As PRT has learned over the last several years, our industry-leading restroom trailers are right at[...]

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Comfortable Community Events with Portable Restroom Trailers

Posted on June 06, 2017 by Portable Restroom Trailers in ADA Compliant, municipalities

Recently, Portable Restroom Trailers was contacted by a representative from the government of a suburban county on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA.  The county was on the market for a new portable restroom solution, and they heard about PRT from a[...]

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Costumer service at its best. The portable bathrooms were impeccable and delivery, installation and any service needed was amazing. Do not hesitate to use their services, not only they are professional but they are based on costumer service.

-Ignacio M.

We just received our portable restroom and the people there were great to work with. Vanessa was the sales rep and she was very helpful throughout the process. Our new 2 unit bathroom is perfect for our farm and very nicely built and sharp looking. Thanks to all at Portable Restroom Trailers.

-Al M.